Friday, May 19, 2006

Attack On Iran: Wild Speculation or Foregone Conclusion?

Here I engage in unapplogetic speculation. Sometimes this is necesarry to
bridge the gaps between the truths and semi-truths which are presented to us
n order to see the whole picture.

Recently, several stories have come out speculating on an imminent preemtive strike by the United States on Iran. This does not seem so far fetched, taken with the facts that U.S. paid operatives have admittedly been operating within Iran. This postulates "Concern is building among the military and the intelligence community that the US may be preparing for a military strike on Iran, as military assets in key positions are approaching readiness." And here we have SEYMOUR M. HERSH asking the question "Would President Bush go to war to stop Tehran from getting the bomb?"

Of course, these stories were dismissed by the President as 'Wild Speculation' here, here and here.

Was that a smoke-screen? The recent reports of troop movements and battle readiness plans seem to confirm that a strike on Iran is a foregone conclusion despite the spin washington has put on the press.

On the eve of such a momentous strike, one might be inclined to ask WHY, or WHY NOW? These stories proclaiming the recent detection of highly enriched uranium found in Iran may provide a clue: Yahoo News , Reuters.

Reminiscent of the WMD argument, only this time some measures have been taken to back their claims up with 'evidence'. Of course this flies in the face of previous CIA reports which tell us. "Iran 'years from nuclear bomb" says the BBC here , "Iran Is Judged 10 Years From Nuclear Bomb" here from The Washington Post and "Analysts Say a Nuclear Iran Is Years Away" from New York Times here.

One might ask, if the CIA's own reports are to believed and Iran is years away from such enrichment, where could these uranium traces come from? Well for one, many places, it is no secret that Russia has misplaced some of its own suitcase bombs and there are several countries in the 'nuclear club' both acknowledged and not officially acknowleded who's own records leave a lot to be desired. Still, is there something more recent though, which might explain the unforseen emergence of such highly enriched uranium in Iran? Where does this stuff come from anyway?

How about a United States Nuclear power plant, in fact, how about this one in Beaver Creek Pennsyvania.

Here are some stories, which somehow did not make the main stream media, which disclose basically, some rather unorthadox behavior at the aforementioned facility:

How on EARTH could a truck be stopped at the gates of a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT with 500,000 dollars in mixed bills discovered in its cab and the driver and passenger LET go nearly immediately? One has to ask oneself WHO 'in this post 9/11 world' has the PULL to facilitate the immediate release such of suspicious subjects, travelling to a such a restricted and dangerous place, and carrying what is a federally illegal amount of cash?

Now if one chooses to engage in the mental gymnastics necissary to follow this thread of 'reasoning' thus far, one might ask 'Yeah, but how do you get these 'traces' of uranium from pennsylvania all the way to Iran, and isnt that stuff monitored?

Second question first... Of course it is monitored, and monitored rather closely, and sometimes things go missing, however, and while the missing quantities of this materiel MAY indeed be enough to pose a real threat, a much more miniscule amount, a non-threatening amount can easily be used to trick the sensors of inspectors. Therein lies the perfect opportunity to decry a nation as a threat, without them actually being one.

As for how such substances could be moved from the U.S. of A. to a nation in which we do not even have diplomatic or economic ties... simplicity itself really. Which multi-national corporations have an office in Iran and also have an interest in seeing war in that region? Of course it is Halliburton read it here and here and here.

Finally, After the U.s. nukes Iran, will there be any proof left of Iran's innocence? Or will Iran simply be an example to those who might stand up agaisnt U.S. Imperialism? What will be the end result besides more war, which equals more money for the military industrial complex and less available oil, which equals more money for the oil industrial complex?

Ultimately, why would Iran want bomb's for which they have no delivery system to employ, and
why-oh-why would they on the FURTHEST REACH OF IMAGINATION wish to engage the United States in a nuclear stand-off and have no absolutely no hope whatsoever of surviving such a confrontation.

End this now, before it starts. Time is short, do not hessitate.