Wednesday, September 27, 2006

China selling prisoners' organs

Just saw this on youtube. Can't say I'm surprised. This probably answers the question of where Dick Cheney keeps disappearing to and why he's looking so damn healthy for someone who supposedly has a bad ticker.

Here's the quote from the vid:
An undercover investigation by BBC News finds that China has a flourishing trade of organs from executed prisoners. China is becoming the destination of choice for rich foreigners in need of organ transplants. One hospital said it could provide a liver for about $100,000.

China has more executions than any other country in the world. Officials told undercover reporters that executions increase prior to National holidays so many organs are available around the holidays.

The following video report feature hidden camera footage of organs being sold in China.


Anonymous said...

How funny that the straight-talking liason speaks Japanese.

Anonymous said...

The story for me is quite suspecious. Anybody can give a direct link from BBC?