Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BREAKING: Rumsfeld steps down as Secretary of Defense

The president has just announced that Donald Rumsfeld is stepping down as Secretary of Defense. Should the (new) Senate confim him, Robert Gates, a former head of the CIA, will replace Rumsfeld. I must say, this is interesting news. Bush seems to be near to breaking down as he's giving this speach and for once the characteristic chimpanzee smirk has been wiped from his smug face. One wonders if this is some sort of olive branch outreach to the Democrats who have just siezed both the House and the Senate and now hold the power of congrssional investigation and subpoena. Thus Rumsfeld, the loyal soldier is taking the blame for his liege lord like so many others before him. I've never seen so many lackeys so willing to scapegoat themselves for such a bad leader, then again I've never seen anyone need so many scapegoats to take the blame for his own wrong doing as Emperor Bush. I'll close here to watch the rest of this press conference, I think Bush is near tears.

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