Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Resistance Intelligencer rises from the ashes

I'm back. Resurrecting this blog from the ashes of neglect like the proverbial Phoenix. My interest in the parapolitical has been renewed in large part due to Congressman Ron Paul's performance in the GOP debates and the fact that his message is resonating through the internet community. This gives some hope. People apparently do care about what's going on outside of American Idol and are willing to work for change. Ron Paul has injected truth into the national arena and sparked much needed debate on both foreign and domestic policy issues. That was long overdue. That this has been so well received has convinced me that all is not yet lost. For that alone Ron Paul has my vote, for his views on liberties and rights and restoring the power of the constitution, he has my admiration as well.

Anyway, I'll be messing with the template some and adding a chatbox... new political posts to follow...

1 comment:

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