Monday, July 31, 2006

Exclusive video report on the Qana Massacre

Exclusive International Reports on Qana Massacre

A lot of news happened over the weekend in Lebanon. The most notable was an incident in Qana where a refugee shelter was bombed killing about 60 people, most of them children.

American news is often sanitized and presented in the familiar "infotainment" format. International news reports offer other perspectives on the tragedy.

This video contains three segments telling the story of the Qana massacre from the search for survivors through Isreal's 48-hour partial ceasefire in Southern Lebanon.

1) UK Channel Four - The Qana Massacre
The first video is provided by London's Channel Four news. This report shows the emergency works scrambling to deal with the crisis. Men carefully dig through solid dirt, looking for the dead, but hoping to find signs of life in the rubble. Channel Four interviews some of the few lucky survivors. One woman, explains that all the members of her large family died in the bombings.

2) CBS International News - Aftermath of the Dana Massacre
While emergency workers continue to dig for bodies in Qana, a spontaneous protest erupts in Beirut. People who, for the last weeks, have hidden in bomb shelters emerge enraged by the Qana massacre. A peaceful protest, in front of Beirut's UN Compound, turns violent.

3) BBC UK - Temporary Ceasefire Amid International Pressure
Israel declares a temporary 48 hour ceasefire to investigate the massacre in Qana. Secretary Rice leaves the Middle East, announcing that she will be taking a proposal for a permanent ceasefire back to the UN Security Coucil. International pressure begins to split Israel politicians on ending the war.

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