Monday, July 24, 2006

Monopoly game to go cashless

That's right, the venerable game Monopoly is going cashless. No more stashing a few high denomination bills under the board for a 'rainy day'. Now all transactions will be handled via a mock Visa debit card which is inserted in an electronic card reader. I saw this story come across the wires today and was simply agast. Invented first in 1904 then later patened by Charles Darrow in 1935 and marketed by Hasbro, Monopoly has been a staple of board gaming for over a century now and seen many iterations, localized versions and spin-offs. One has to wonder what is on the horizon for the future of such board gaming, perhaps RFID tracking of customers, police-state suppression of protestors or CIA money laundering will be included next time? Might as well go the whole nine yards and throw in a thumbprint scan with a retinal+dna confirmation and a random 'mass identity theft' chance card as well.

Welcome to crazyworld.

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