Thursday, June 21, 2007

Help get Ron Paul on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

It's fast becoming fashionable for the talking heads on the mainstream news to criticize the many blunders of the Bush administration. Long before it was popular however, Keith Olbermann was out there crying foul over the abuses of the Constitution and Habeas Corpus. Standing almost alone in pointing out the wholesale destruction of the Constitution, the very cornerstone of our society, by the Bushies, with his 'special comments' Olbermann seemed almost Murrowesque. In light of this heroic stance, it seems strange that Keith has not had Congressman Ron Paul, the undisputed Champion of the Constitution on his show. In fact, as the only person in congress who stands by his Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution and consistently votes against any law which is unconstitutional, Ron Paul's absence from Countdown with Keith Olbermann seems a glaring injustice and may be seen by some as a spotlight on partisanship. I hope this is not the case.

I'll ask that everyone send a polite note to the show, requesting that they invite Congressman Ron Paul to appear. The e-mail address is:

The show also has a blog here: The News Hole which allows comments. Again, please keep it polite and on topic.

I think if we get these two stalwart defenders of the Constitution together, we'll hear a very frank and honest discussion on the dangerous course that the neocons have steered this country and what needs to be done to set things right.

If anyone can make this happen, its the Ron Paul Army.


dbassam said...

I not sure if Keith 'gets it'. He co-hosted the debate with Matthews and he seemed to show no interest in Ron Paul. I agree that Keith goes on plenty of diatribes on his shouw that would make you think he would be Ron Paul's best friend but I dont think he's ever mentioned Dr. Paul's name. Maybe he's just a variation on the same old theme of MSM in bed with special interests.

davidm. said...

Actually, I seem to recall Olbermann saying that Ron Paul "won the debate" during MSNBC's post-debate coverage.

Would definitely like to see Ron Paul on his show.

Adi said...

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