Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ron Paul is walking on the moon

Everything seems to be breaking Ron Paul's way lately. Recent events are throwing other candidates into a tailspin while Paul proceeds calm, cool and collected like the elder statesman he has shown himself to be. He is getting his common sense message out and gathering a snowballing group of devoted followers along the way. The juggernaut of freedom.


Rudy Giuliani, already mired in the stink of corruption, suffered a tough blow when the state chairman of his campaign Thomas Ravenel was indicted on cocaine charges.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has left the GOP, further fuelling speculation that he might run for President in 08 as an independent. This will have several consequences.

First, the big money folks being bought off by special interests are likely to suffer because piles of their corporate backing is going to dry up in the face of a self financed billionaire. So that's 1 whammy each to Hillary, Giuliani and Romney. It might be enough to knock Mitt Romney out of his magical underwear because he's been shoveling gobs of cash into his campaign bid and has barely registered much more than some of the third tier candidates as it is. I guess he's just boring, or perhaps too scripted, or maybe it's the flip-floppery? I don't know, I never really thought he had a chance to begin with.

Another consequence will be, being from New York, that's bound to hit both Giuliani and Hillary to some degree. I doubt it will be enough to completely crush Rudy, but considering the recurring corruption scandals, his general unlikeablility and the spanking he got from Ron Paul on foreign policy... it's certainly not helping him. Hillary herself will take less of a hit, but since every day she's sounding more and more like a pro-war neocon koolaid drinking Bush clone and that's bound to start driving people away, every little chip at the ice queen is going to sting. To add a little insult to injury, today's real news has pretty much overshadowed her little Hillary Clinton Sopranos video on hillaryclinton.com which is probably just as well because to me it seemed rather stilted. Another same girl video. I'm sure someone thought it'd go viral, but really it's just a yawn.

Of course Bloomberg doesn't have a chance ftw, he's not a great campaigner or speaker and he has much the same flaw Rudy does... stances on issues from both parties which the other party utterly hates. Someone should tell them that this doesn't make you a 'centrist', it makes you unelectable. In any case, he's likely to dillute the pool on both sides of the isle for pretty much everyone, except Ron Paul of course, much the same way that arch neocon and coward Freddy Thompson will be dilluting the small and ever dwindling pro-war vote.

Moving on... as noted earlier Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance have failed to invite Ron Paul to their little forum on the 30th. Well, it's been exposed that The Chairman of Iowans for Tax Relief, Ed Failor, is a Senior Advisor to the McCain Campaign in Iowa. That answers some questions. Somehow I doubt this will help McCain's foundering campaign. No doubt, these folks are feeling the full fury of the Ron Paul Army, much as the foolish Michigan GOP chairman Saul Anuzis did before them (I wonder how long his career will last?).

And that brings us to... the end of the quarter campaign finance disclosures coming up at the end of this month. It's likely that some of the stragglers will drop out before the next quarter, and some of these lesser knowns are going to be reporting not only low revenues, but possibly debt. I expect McCain to have a rather poor showing, in fact the more I see from McCain, the more I think he'll be lucky if his constituents take pity on him and allow him to remain their senator. In any case, the field is going to be narrowing somewhat. On the other hand, word on the grapevine is that Ron Paul will be reporting some respectable fund raising numbers, thanks to his incredible popularity on the internet and the growing affinity for his message. I hope it's enough to catapult him into a solid first tier position. There's ten days left, so you can still donate to his campaign for this quarter to give him a bigger bump.

Sometimes I think the other candidates and their bumbling shenanegans are working to make Ron Paul look even better.

Vote Ron Paul 2008.

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