Sunday, October 15, 2006

American Blackout - The Death of Democracy

American Blackout Trailer

I just saw this awesome new documentary which exposes the massive scale of election fraud going on in America today. It stars former Representative Cynthia Mckinney and tells her tale as well as that of the general story of vote rigging and the subversion of our democracy as a whole.

The story is a simple one really, both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. This has been reported and veryfied before, however this documentary does a good job of collating the data and distilling it into an easily understood big-picture. I was already familiar with the ongoing Diebold fiasco, but this sheds light on some of the other less technical aspects of election fraud going on and those behind it. At one point I was rather disturbed to find that voting machines were removed on purpose, to increase lines and add frustration to those who were most likely to vote against the GOP, and not just here and there, it was systemic and wide reaching. Also, adding names to a 'felon' list by selection of race, people who had no criminal records at all, in order to keep them from voting was an eye opener. In essense, Bush was never elected president and the genocide he and his cronies are even today perpetuating worldwide in these unneeded conflicts should never have happened.

Cynthia Mckinney's story is both tragic and classic. She stood up for truth and what is right against evil power and brought down the wrath of that power. It's almost a David vs. Goliath tale, only this time Goliath won.

After standing up to Bush and his minions of evil, Rep. Mckinney was attacked relentlessly and brutally. First, through a strange loophole in election law, Republicans in her district crossed over and voted in a Democratic primary as Democrats to unseat her. How can this be legal? After that, and rather interesting in light of recent news, She was attacked on the issue of 9/11. The Republican politico war machine politicized the tragic events of that day and sicced their attack dogs on McKinney. Very noteworthy is the fact that the only thing McKinney did was pose the question 'Who knew what? and When?' and was ruthlessly savaged by the GOP and the press for asking that. As well all now know, thanks to Bob Woodwards book State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III, the administration DID INDEED HAVE FOREKNOWLEDGE OF A PENDING ATTACK BEFORE 9/11. So, where are these attackers now with their appologies to McKinney?

It's a pitty. We lost a patriot and hero when we lost Rep. Cynthia Mckinney. How many of those do we have left?

WAKE UP AMERICA! Your Right to Vote has been STOLEN. This is a freedom our forefathers fought, bled and DIED that we might enjoy it.

Prepare yourselves for what's coming, because the vote is the last redoubt, the final freedom. When the ballot box fails us, the only recourse left is the cartridge box.

This is a must-see documentary. Check out American Blackout.


e pluribus said...

I watched "American Blackout" last weekend; and like you, I intend to facilitate as many screenings of it as I possibly can.

For those who still believe the film a disinformation campaign I would also recommend you read: "What Went Wrong in Ohio: The Conyers Report on the 2004 Presidential Election;" and Freeman and Bleufuss' "Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?"

The most patriotic thing Americans can do, especially at this particular time in our history, is to inform ourselves. Otherwise we will one day awake to find the world our slumber (complacency?) has made.

Anonymous said...

Bush was designated to be President by the World Trade Organization,and Nafta. Under the Nacc, Spp and Nau, he was to build infrastructures, Trans Texas Corridor, Center Point etc...Katherine Harris was writer of the TTC bill. She also counted Bush's votes.
I believe that Bush Sr. started the conception of NAFTA and of course Clinton signed it, so Bush jr. had the job to implement the devious plan. Harris (supposedly) works for Cintra now, which is owned by Spain. Multi billion dollar scam.
Ron Paul was blacklisted by both media and candidates.Would not surprise me if the voting was rigged also.
The corruption runs so deep that it makes me physically sick to my heart and soul.
We as a nation are witnessing the destruction of Democracy-I truly believe that Ron Paul was our last hope...maybe, the next president will have a soul, but I doubt it.