Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bush drives the final nail into the coffin of the Constitution

Holy crap... this is really unbelievable even though I knew it was coming. That criminal ursurper in the white house has signed th TORTURE BILL, thus sealing the fate of the constitution and laughing in the face of the founding fathers who fought so hard to prevent such a thing from happening. WHAT A FUCKING CUNT! I'm so disgusted I can't even write anymore about this now... it's nothing less than the end of America.

More later... if you want to read a rather slanted piece on this from the BBC, check this out.

Fuck fuck fuck... my country is gone.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Tsoldrin I read your blog all the time. Rigorous Intuition and your site are my favorites. Anyway, I HAD to write something about this bill. I just wanted to say that I am in complete agreement with you. The Bushmonster has finally gotten what he and his handlers have wanted all along: turning the Constitution into a "piece of paper" and denying Americans and all people of the world their rights which is a crime against humanity. Now, the Bushmonster is getting ready to make a hasty exit to Paraguay if the Congress is finally voted into a Democratic majority. He is the worst president ever, a thief, a liar and, most of all, a coward. To have lost my country because of a subhuman, arrogant, ignorant moron is more than anyone could stand.
Thanks for your great blog and keep it coming. The only outlet left for the truth is the net.