Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Adnan Hajj Reuters Photo - the REAL real picture.



At first I thought this was some sort of joke. Is one picture really worse than the other? Significantly? Supporters of Israel certainly seem to think so. Myself, I see the destruction of civilian buildings in both pictures. To me, this is akin to a wife-beater saying 'Yeah, but her black eye isn't really THAT bad'. What irony.

To further increase the fishy smell, my contacts have informed me that several massive alerts have gone out calling on to the network of Israeli-backed cyber-propagandists and all their volunteers to 'play this story up' as much as possible and 'emphasize that the media is against Israel'.

This is simply ridiculous. Anyone who has been following this conflict and has half a brain cell knows that the media bias has been massively and utterly pro-Israel thoughout. Very little slips by. The one chink in the armor seems to be indipendent reporting, mostly from bloggers in the war zone and the pictures of dead innocent Lebanese people showing the heatwrenching truth.

Pulling the attention to these particular pictures, doctored by someone with unknown allegiance only serves Israel's own interest. It distracts from the real horrors that Israel is inflicting on Lebanon. So, I ask who is Adnan Hajj and who is paying him? And more importantly, who benefits from this so obviously phony fiasco? The only benefactor I see is Israel, who get's to put on the 'Oh-poor-me' act as well as play the 'They're all against us' card.

The fact is, if someone wanted to shine a bad light on Israel, they could certainly have done a much better job than is seen in this example. Hell, they could have just shown the undoctored truth. And another question lingers... as we've all seen illustrated by Munich, wouldn't Mossad have just killed this fellow if he weren't working for their interests?

Something doesn't smell right in Denmark.

Well, on that note, I've taken the liberty of doctoring my own picture of this and I'd like to extend an invitation to anyone else to mail me their own. I'll post my favorites tomorrow evening. If you want it linked somewhere, include the address. Sort of a photoshop contest, ala Fark.

Here's mine:

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