Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israeli kids send "gift" of "love" to kids of Lebanon - UPDATE

After seeing this image on the Daily Show last night, I thought it might be time to update this picmeme. A quick search turned up these images on Sabbah's blog:

How anyone can laugh and dance when it is obvious that innocent civilians, some of them children, are being slaughtered is completely beyond me. Perhaps these people themselves were indoctrinated as kids like the girls from here. It seems a vicious and never ending cycle and it can only be stopped where it begins, with the children...

Those weaned on hatred are bound to perpetuate the cycle. Israel is rather fond of pointing out that it is here and it is here to stay, perhaps it needs to realize that Arabs, their cousins and neighbors, are also here to stay and they need to learn to coexist in peace. This of course will begin with the children, who will be the inheritors of the world. Shall we leave them a world of perpetual war or a utopia? Choose wisely and end the violence.

And for those who have sent me so much mail, sometimes hateful and even threatening, accusing me of being biased, a terrorist sympathizer and an anti-semite, I would point out to you, Israel has NO NEED of my help. As anyone who has watched this story unfold knows, Israel was prepared far in advance, not only militarily, but also with propaganda and spin ahead of time and launched it simultaneously with their attacks. Thanks to Google News this is easily verified by checking the news by date ranges. Further, Israel has an army of cyber soldiers in place rabidly attacking any non-pro-Israeli articles that come across their path. All this and still the world is outraged at the slaughter of innocents by Israeli forces. So no, I do not feel the need to tell the Israeli side of this story, for they've already got that pretty well covered. It is the innocents in Lebanon who need someone to speak for them.

I would call on the people of Israel to stop the atrocities now. There is a point where governments can be blamed for their wrong doing, yet there is also a point where the people themselves have to be held accountable for not standing up to their own government and putting a stop to it. Don't let us get to that point, please.


Anonymous said...

Jewish propaganda is being spread everywhere. They already control the television media and scour the internet like filthy rats looking for anything that may go against them so that they can quickly debunk it with deception.

They are the new plague, only more deadly since they don't have black spots on their skin. They are silent and have many missiles, they are masters of manipulation and spin. A real puppet master.

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