Friday, August 11, 2006

The Heathrow Distraction

As the mainstream media concentrates on Heathrow and the supposed 'Foiled Terror Plot', the world crumbles around us unnoticed. Israel continues to rain death down on innocent Lebanese civilians, civil liberties are being eroded, tossed aside and laughed at, and a dictator still sits enthroned in the whitehouse. Public speculation puts this current 'terror' scare as a phony operation with nothing more than political gain in mind. As a student of FACS, the Facial Action Coding System, I can tell you that I see both duplicity and rehearsal in our leaders in their pre-prepared speaches. The talking heads in the mainstream media are another story alltogether however. For those who have studied people and their reactions intsively this should stand out as a red flag; the media KNOW this is all BULLSHIT. There is no other interpretation. It's in their faces and in their eyes. This is open source intelligence, for anybody to see. The only real question is ...WHY? Political motivation is the only answer. It's up to YOU to stop this,nobody else can.

I say to you, the people, DO NOT BE DISTRACTED. We stand at a cusp of human devolopment here. Cut through the propaganda and find the TRUTH the house of cards around the real events of 9/11 is falling and the real reason Israel is attacking Lebanon is being exposed. Don't blind yourself to the truth.

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