Monday, August 21, 2006

Israel Lebanon and Palestine - prisoners the whole story

This short video put out by If Americans Knew Gives a rarely seen view into what happens to those captured by Israeli soldiers. The words chilling, horrifying and terrifying come to mind but fail to adequately describe. You must watch to understand. This makes Abu Ghraib look like Disneyland... These guys are our allies?

Hat tip to Sabbah for the find.


Anonymous said...

Should be called "if Americans wanted to know" If Americans really wanted the truth the news stations that spread the lies couldn't exist, but Americans are happy as long as they can drive their gas guzzling cars and what not. Before some Yank calls me a Muslim terrorist, I'm a Brit, so don't forget who helps you guys abuse the world..... maybe we're worse because we know the truth and yet Blair and co are still around to cause death and applaud it at every turn.

Anonymous said...

because Israel has everything to do with gas?

Anonymous said...

Misleading title and nothing of any real content. I have visited both the West bank and Gaza. I have visited the schools that teach racial hatred in contravention of their religion, I have felt fear in the towns and villages as the gangs of 'children' gather to watch you (or stone you - or throw jars of torched super-glue at you or your vehicle so the flames stick).

The Palestinians and the Israelis have a problem. Each other. Only tolerance and acceptance of each others mutual existence will allow for 'peace'.

As long as Syria and Iran are pushing Hezbollah and Hamas buttons, there will be no peace. As long as Palesinians teach hatred and as long as Israel continues a path of occupation, there will be no peace.

Terror begets only terror and revenge. There are no "100 virgins" awaiting a suicide bomber.

Anonymous said...

Not all American's agree with what our Government decides to do

The peoples of the other counties need to remember Bush was not elected. I lived in Florida, voted for Gore and witnessed "hanging chads" and a corrupt Court decide Bush should be president even though more people voted for Gore...go figure, lawmakers created a loophole that the Bush campaign exploited...called the electoral college, then they did it again in Ohio 4 years later.

Not all American's want "gas guzzling cars".

But the Automotive industies you have any idea how much money they would have to invest in re-tooling their factories for hybrid vehicles...then how much money the oil companies would lose from declining oil sales?

Not all American's believe all Muslim's are terrorists.

Just the ignorant.

Anonymous said...

anon who wrote: "Misleading title and nothing of any real content..."
Quite obviously you are an Israelli supporter, because you simply dont address the topic of abuse and wrongfull tortue and detention. It doesnt matter what kids are throwing glue sticks, and what you have seen in Gaza - the stories are widespread and true, talk to some palestinis rather than sitting in your car. You'll find this to be the case throughout the region - torture and detention by Israelli forces is commonplace. You think thats acceptable in any form of society? Dont dodge the issue because you dont like what you see in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

nothing on earth could possibly make raping small children (in abu graib) look like disneyland, the nazi holocaust maybe, but definitely not abu graib.