Sunday, August 06, 2006

Site review

Site review

It's all about the content. This site has bucket fulls. With nearly 400 full length documentary movies and an extensive radio archive including those of Alex Jones and many other lumunaries as well as some hard to find audio and video clips on topics such as 9/11, election fraud, peak oil, depleted uranium, FEMA and RFID this place really covers it all, and it's all free and all streaming. For a place that's only been open four months, the sheer amount of content this site provides is mind boggling. It's a one-stop research shop for all things conspiracy related. Besides the extensive collection of streaming media which is available to guests, those that take a minute to register have access to a rather large forum base which covers a wide range of topics and one of the better online chat systems I've seen in a while. The news there is a mixture of user, admin and feed driven and extremely timely, I've seen several breaking stories appear there before many larger sites get wind of them, this alone makes the site worth a visit. Overall, I give the site a thumbs up and will be keeping an eye for it to explode into one of the premier conspiracy sites in a near future. For anyone interested in the illuminati, new world order, government coverups, 9/11, and Truth this site is a must see.

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Anonymous said...

hummm it seems their site got hacked!

I posted here a paste of the homepage they left:

just for the record :S